Welcome to the website of Howard for Oregon. I'm Ryan Howard and I'm running for the Oregon Senate from District 13 in the western Metro area and the Willamette Valley. 

      This campaign, like our government itself, will be led by the people, for the people. I want to be your senator in Salem in order to provide common sense leadership for you and our neighbors, not to represent a political party or interest group.

      My experiences as a Newberg City Councilor and now Council President have shown me what can happen when leaders put aside personal prejudices and party influences to lead by doing the right thing. This doesn’t mean we need to agree on everything, but it does mean we need to listen to each other and work together to find popular solutions based on shared principles and ideals. 

      We have seen what it looks like when our leaders are unwilling to work together. The federal government is gridlocked and unable to accomplish even the simplest of tasks at a time when we need leadership most.

      This breakdown in national leadership means that our local governments are even more important.  I aim to carry the torch of cooperation to Salem in order to work with all legislators to solve our most challenging issues and get things done for everyday Oregonians. These include rebuilding the economy, fixing our schools, protecting our quality of life, and continuing to hold the government accountable for using taxpayer money wisely. All in an effort to move our state forward by putting community first.

      Thanks for visiting and please take the time to share your ideas with us. We want to hear from you, and we would LOVE your help getting the word out across the entire state.